Joyful Feminine Attitude

Note: Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been traveling a lot, and while that is certainly not a sufficient excuse at least know I haven’t abandoned this femininity blog.

As you all know, I’m all for empowering women to be women.

So what if we are emotional?

So what if we don’t make sense all the time?

We’re human.

But more specifically, we’re women.


Now this doesn’t mean to say that we are not intelligent, logical, or can’t think or make decisions abstractly, but we feel more complete when we are in our feminine state.

This transitions into the title, a “Joyful Feminine Attitude.”

I’ve written posts on smiling  and being girly so, this may seem repetitive but that is because I see all these femininity posts about dresses, hair, make up, etc (and don’t get me wrong, these things are important) but nothing about having a joyful feminine attitude. When you are truly in a feminine state, you can go outside with no make up or 5-inch heels and still be seen as beautiful!



Because it separates you from men. You have something men don’t. Something that makes men and women want to be around you, a company hire you, a man want to marry you, whatever it may be, etc. A lady with a feminine joyful attitude, who can easily laugh and smile with her eyes can captivate almost any heart.

Sometimes we frown because we are sad (understandable, women shouldn’t be shamed for crying) but sometimes we have an impassive uncaring face because we perhaps want to get hired? Be taken seriously? Not ditzy like those other girls?


Here’s a challenge: When you wake up in the morning, listen to your favorite song and dance freely, jump up and down, twirl, or just sway sensually if you like; it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is staying true to yourself, embracing your femininity.

❤ lovelyleblanc7

7 thoughts on “Joyful Feminine Attitude

  1. I hope I’m not commenting too much. Lol! Yes most definitely, there aren’t that many articles about inner femininity mostly outer. I actually reread your post on being girly often and applied your advice about listening to music.

    Also, Lupita is so lovely and I love that you have Jessica Franklin too, she was featured on Urban Bush Babes. 😀

    If anyone wants to take a look


      • I have mentioned your blog a few times, so a couple of ladies know of it. I would be nice to hear from other women on these topics.

        You’re welcome! Also that’s cool to hear about reading comments, sometimes I get too excited and type long responses.

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  2. Well said! Too many women think strength only comes in macho form. The first time my husband said “I am glad you are so strong” he was not commenting on my hard headedness for work, or my powerlifting. He was commenting on my ability to stay cool under pressure, to see the bright side to a misfortune that had hit us and to drag him back up into the light. I had never considered how much strength there was in being feminine, but it really is a lot. Joyful femininity makes life worth living for men and women alike!

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