Feminine Fashion Series!

Hello lovelies!

I’ve decided to start a feminine fashion series and feel free to submit via e-mail any photos of yourself or whatever you find online that inspires feminine fashion.

Since I am very busy, I’m going to have to put myself on a schedule and most likely will update once a week. One post will include feminine subjects and the other will be entirely devoted to feminine fashion…there will even be a page!

Please submit any posts to lovelyleblanc@yahoo.com

Thank you!

And on with the fashion…!

feminine fashion 1-1 Feminine fashion 1-2 feminine fashion 1-3

Dress- Kohl’s

Shoes- Kenneth Cole

Hat- Lou Lou Boutique 

I pretty much shop anywhere as long as I find something that is feminine and of good quality. I’ll be sure to leave the link of where I get my outfit and/or accessories.

If it is within your budget, I would really recommend anthropologie. It is my favorite store. The fashion is extremely feminine and the quality is excellent, you can tell there has been plenty attention to detail. I purchase quite a few of my clothes there and Ann Taylor so, you may see some reoccurring themes.

Yesstyle is also a very affordable website where you can purchase feminine fashion. Asian fashion for women tends to be very feminine and the website is geared towards Asian fashion.

It is so important not to break your bank for fashion. Buy clothes within your means, there is nothing attractive about a women who squanders her money away. When shopping for clothing ask these questions:

Is it feminine? Will it suit my body type? Is the material good quality? Is this within my spending means?

There will be more tips when it comes to feminine fashion later on, but it is getting late and I have a busy day tomorrow!

Stay girly!


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