Femininity & Faith


Having a sense of morality is so vital in nurturing and growing in one’s femininity.

A spiritual woman can have a solid foundation on what morality is, especially in this day and age of moral relativism.

While I may be a Christian, this blog is not focused on evangelism. I may include a Bible verse here and there, but that is because the Bible is my moral foundation. I think whether or not somebody is Christian, wisdom can still be obtained from it.

The most feminine women I know have some sense of spirituality. And with a sense of spirituality, there is a sense of morality and with a sense of morality, comes compassion and kindness for others.

This is the heart of femininity.

As I grew closer to God, I became more feminine, more at peaceful with myself and who I was created to be.  Therefore, I cannot separate my femininity from my faith. I will try my best to be welcoming, but this blog will never be 100% secular. Besides, there is nothing more drawing to one another than resonating peace.


Faith and sexuality are not separate and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Femininity must be cultivated for the glory of God, like everything else we must do. God created us alike and equal to men in person-hood, while different and unique in function. The woman was not an afterthought.


So, whether your religious or not, I think you would agree with me that there is just something contagious about kindness. Something about others being kind to you, makes you want to respond with kindness and vice-versa.

Part of being feminine is giving and receiving love even when we are afraid or feel hurt. Of course that leaves us vulnerable and we should embrace that too. Vulnerability should not be confused with recklessness.

That is not to say that love, compassion, morality, are uniquely feminine traits. That is not the case. Not all. I also think these are found in masculinity, but how we choose to express that is different.

But whether man or woman, our default human nature is not what I described above. Being loving and nurturing is not the average woman’s go-to attitude, just like sympathy is not the average human’s go-to attitude.

It all requires discipline.

We all have a purpose and we were created with the functions to fulfill that purpose. To be in our most feminine state, requires discipline.

While femininity may be natural, it is not automatic or our first instinctual response.

Femininity must be cultivated and I believe, that in order to do this, requires faith.



The Importance of Femininity


Today, anything that remotely has any semblance of femininity is “indirectly” something to be ashamed of. Women have told me in confidence and secrecy of liking and enjoying feminine things.

Sometimes going out in a simple dress is “too dressed up.”

Vulnerability must always be hidden, deep so no one can see.

Authenticity replaced with a mask.

Openness and love being reckless.

Submissiveness as weak.

Of course these are all the lies that our culture, friends, and even family have told us. But I believe that if you are like 99% of all females, you find pleasure in being feminine.

And for those of you who have never given thought of embracing your femininity, give it a try.

There is an untold joy in being feminine.