How to Recognize and Respond to Chivalry


Life update: I’ve been super busy as of late. I’m back in Japan and not even a month ago I was in Trinidad & Tobago (beautiful island) visiting family, but mind you I still live in the U.S. I’ve just been going back and forth between Japan and had to squeeze in sometime to visit family in Trinidad. So, as you all can see I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I am finishing up my last semester starting late August…still have a few more weeks here in Japan before I go back to the U.S. to finish school.


Anyway, as you can see from this post’s title is that today’s topic is about chivalry and many say chivalry is dying and it probably is–to some.

But for feminine women, chivalry is still alive and well. Let me explain, today we live in an age where chivalry is no longer a given to every single woman a man comes across. It is not longer mandatory to give any random woman chivalry. There is no moral code anymore that says men have to be chivalrous to women, but chivalry comes in many different ways than just opening the door for women, carrying her bags, etc. Men respond to feminine energy so, if a woman is feminine no matter where she is in the world, men will go out of her way for her. Men actually like to feel needed and plenty of women respond to a man offering to help or serve her in a defensive manner.

We needn’t be so defensive!


How to Recognize Chivalry:

Chivalry comes in many forms, I have coined a term for it (3 P’s)



Problem Solve

How to Respond to Chivalry:

Let’s be honest, if you are a feminine woman, men are going to offer to do things for you. They may be friends, family, and or even a stranger. A lot of women, especially black women, get defensive because we’ve been trained by society to recognize a man being chivalrous as odd or suspicious, but that is not always the case.

The best way to respond to chivalry, more often than not, is to just accept it! If he wants to do something for you, let him do it. If he is a stranger you are not obligated to repay him, but if he is a friend, family, spouse, partner, etc. then you can respond in any feminine manner as a thank you. Here are some ways:

  • Simply saying “Thank you”
  • If it is a spouse or boyfriend, a kiss on the cheek or lips and a smile
  • A hug
  • Writing a thank you card
  • Baking him a treat (a friend of mine is a really good baker and does this)

And there are so many other ways of saying thank you that I haven’t even listed.


Of course there is a lot to write on chivalry , but this blog is just for covering the basics. The next few posts I will be covering some other topics, such as a body care, skin care, hair care, feminine hobbies, organization, and even cooking/baking recipes. If any of these interest you and you would like to see the next blog post on any one of these topics, please let me know in the comments.

Much love,

lovelyleblanc7 ā¤







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