Why You Shouldn’t Care

I’m uploading two posts today because I really want to express that I’m trying again to be more active on this blog. A lot of black femininity blogs post sporadically (I’m guilty of that) or have abandoned their blogs all together. I will try my best to post at least once a week or every other week.

Now leading on to another topic–> Why You Shouldn’t Care!

This is not one of those blogs that focus on black men and black women (or really men in general unless it is in the context of romantic relationships). I’m not here to bash black men, to bash black women, to be schooling you on “where you’ve gone wrong” or “what you could be doing.” This site is geared towards black women who want to and enjoy being feminine (of course women of other backgrounds are welcome as there is something here for everybody I believe).

I am now going to go through a bullet point list of things of “Why You Shouldn’t Care.”

  • You meet a nice man. He adores you, cherishes you, protects you, is a good provider, respects your chastity, wants to marry you, etc. But God forbid he is not BLACK. So what? You’re not going to marry him now? WHO CARES! Seriously, why do you care?
  • A group or sect of men don’t like you because you’re dark skin, light skin, overweight, underweight, small bust, big bust, whatever. WHO CARES! Focus on men who want you and who are attracted to you. Don’t focus on those who don’t care about you. Ignore them. Don’t talk about them, don’t bash them, just leave them alone and focus on quality men who want you.
  • There are a lot of problems and controversies in the world. There is no way you can know them all and pay attention to them all. But people expect you to be there and support everything. This one may sound cold, but WHO CARES! Give attention to what you can give attention to.
  • The next time someone asks “Why are you so dressed up?” or “Why are you wearing a dress?” WHO CARES. Just smile and say “I felt like it.” No need to bash others or look down on others who dress more casually. You’re doing you.

Now these are just a few examples. Obviously, I’m not saying you should go through life apathetic, although there are times. But don’t worry about things that can hinder your joy. We should focus on uplifting each other. I want to start a theme of ending my posts with a challenge, something we can do. So today’s challenge is below.

Challenge: Compliment other women, build strong friendships with other women. Say thank you if a man does something chivalrous for you…matter of fact, if a man offers to do something for you (carry something heavy, offer to fix something, etc.) ACCEPT IT. Give and receive. Share love!

P.S. Sorry if this post seemed kind of jumbled just some thoughts going through my head.

❤ lovelyleblanc7





Joyful Feminine Attitude

Note: Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been traveling a lot, and while that is certainly not a sufficient excuse at least know I haven’t abandoned this femininity blog.

As you all know, I’m all for empowering women to be women.

So what if we are emotional?

So what if we don’t make sense all the time?

We’re human.

But more specifically, we’re women.


Now this doesn’t mean to say that we are not intelligent, logical, or can’t think or make decisions abstractly, but we feel more complete when we are in our feminine state.

This transitions into the title, a “Joyful Feminine Attitude.”

I’ve written posts on smiling  and being girly so, this may seem repetitive but that is because I see all these femininity posts about dresses, hair, make up, etc (and don’t get me wrong, these things are important) but nothing about having a joyful feminine attitude. When you are truly in a feminine state, you can go outside with no make up or 5-inch heels and still be seen as beautiful!



Because it separates you from men. You have something men don’t. Something that makes men and women want to be around you, a company hire you, a man want to marry you, whatever it may be, etc. A lady with a feminine joyful attitude, who can easily laugh and smile with her eyes can captivate almost any heart.

Sometimes we frown because we are sad (understandable, women shouldn’t be shamed for crying) but sometimes we have an impassive uncaring face because we perhaps want to get hired? Be taken seriously? Not ditzy like those other girls?


Here’s a challenge: When you wake up in the morning, listen to your favorite song and dance freely, jump up and down, twirl, or just sway sensually if you like; it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is staying true to yourself, embracing your femininity.

❤ lovelyleblanc7