Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Mother’s Day!

I read an amazing post about mother’s day that really encapsulates the sentiments of what mother’s day is about.

Every year, I lose little bits of my own childhood and instead gain bits of motherhood memory. My brain is inscribing their words and losing my own. Comparison comes now and then, and that is when I recall my own childhood. What a miracle to have these intersecting moments, motherhood and childhood in the same space. This Mother’s Day, I want simplicity. I want a slow day with a floral dress and the sun, hopefully. I want healthy children and peace and a slightly cleaner apartment—if I’m lucky. I want love. Not just for myself, but for those surrounding me too. I want basics, the simple connections of love and motherhood and sisterhood.

Read the rest here on LaTonya Yvette’s blog

❤ lovelyleblanc7

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