Feminine Inspiration: Arlenis Sosa

Hello lovelies!

Today’s feminine inspiration is Arlenis Sosa. She was one of the faces for Lancome and I think she is a good feminine inspiration for black women.


Below is a video of her being interviewed. One of the tips that she mentioned is that it is very important for you to not go to bed with makeup. I agree!

I would also mention clean make up brushes are so essential to skin care too, but I will make a post soon about make up and skin care.


Also, if none of you women have heard of Patricia Bright, I would really recommend you watch her youtube channel. She has videos ranging from hair, make up, outfits, and all the way up to inspirational videos.

Below is a video she recently posted and I think it is a really good video for all women to hear.

She has a blog also, which I think can be a useful tool for dressing feminine and stylish. While I do take some inspiration from her outfits, I would also recommend tweaking it a bit so it can be more modest.

Giving you all the internet hugs. 🙂

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