Tip Time: Why it is important to separate yourself from feminism

Now, of course, this isn’t any original advice. It’s getting more common to see these types of posts on the net, but I’m not going to be talking about the hypocrisy of feminism, whether or not feminism is actually producing positive results, or even if feminism is actually about “equality.”

You can research that during your own time and do your own research.

I’m going to talk about feminism in relation to black women.

First things first: feminism doesn’t care about black women.

It doesn’t.

Feminism originally started out with upper middle class, white, women who had too much time on their hands. Let’s ignore the fact that they were even able to afford this luxury because of men and their “evil white husbands.”

So, you can already assume that white and upper middle class isn’t what most women fit into, let alone black women (cause we’re not white so, we can never fit the description 100%.)

Very rarely is privilege ever because of race or gender, what most feminists would like you to believe. Privilege is the equivalency of wealth and status. Anybody can accomplish this. I think Oprah Winfrey is more privileged than the average white male.

In short, what I am trying to say is that you are not cripple.

Feminists leaders don’t care about women, especially black women. They sell you “fat-acceptance” instead of “health-conscious acceptance.” And if you don’t fit their trope of “angry, black, obnoxious women” then your only other option is to babysit their children why they go to their cubicles or elementary classrooms to work. They’ll talk about women making less than men, but ignoring the fact that white women make more than black men, Hispanic men, Native American men, and you guessed it…black women.

You have to let go. Feminism is damaging to black women. We live in a time where we have plenty of opportunities to advance ourselves.

Educate yourself. Grow in your femininity. Feel vulnerable. Be loving. Dress feminine.


If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m a big fan of Kerry Washington’s style 😉

Want to lose weight? Then lose weight! Ignore all those women that tell you you’ll lose your “curves.” Don’t worry, all the right curves will still be there.

Have a soft, fun, humble, kind, and gentle spirit. 🙂

There are women today (predominately white) doing “slut-walks” and labeling themselves as sluts in order to fight the negative connotation of the term.

Do you know how long black women have been trying to fight that stereotype? To fight the hyper-sexualization of themselves in the media? This may come off harsh to some, but don’t join in with these activists.

Don’t let these women bring you down. Make friends with women who are improving themselves, who are wise, and enjoy being a woman.

Let’s face it…White women, Asian women, and women of other races generally don’t have to fight preconceived negative stereotypes on the daily. But you do. 

Make every encounter you have with someone a positive and lasting one.

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