Feminine Inspirations: Naomi Campbell and Kerry Washington

Four tips to remember when in public:
1) Speak slowly
2) Dress Classy
3) Be polite
4) Be tactful about how much personal information you reveal about yourself to strangers

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Note: I don’t know these women in real life. I don’t really know their true character, but nonetheless, outwardly they are very feminine.

I only know them from their public appearances. They speak slowly, dress classy, and are polite. These are three things to remember when in public.

Kerry Washington


Here Kerry Washington talks about her skin care tips and other things.

Naomi Campbell 

Naomi CampbellNaomi-Campbell

Also, I would like to note again that I don’t approve of Naomi’s attitude all the time and I don’t watch much T.V. so, “Scandal” and “The Face” are not what I judge them by. It is also T.V. so anything taken from there should be with a grain of salt.

This interview is interesting because she is being purposely being playful with the interviewer.

While it may seem that she is being open, she is really holding back a lot. It is important to be…

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